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An idea is nothing without a story.

That story, how it’s told, absorbed and re-counted is what separates the  ideas that succeed from all the ideas that don't

Stories spread ideas.


Arresting stories buy the time, space and patience necessary for big ideas, breakthrough technologies to iterate their way to greatness. 


People buy stories. 

Stories are a magnet for investors, for markets, for talent, collaborators, supporters  partners and customers. Stories are the great persuaders, shaping our thoughts, hearts, minds, behaviours, preferences, attitudes  and the fabric of society, commerce, the world we live in. 

Stories run the world. 

Wether you are launching a new product, creating a brand, building a product, reporting quarterly numbers, starting a new venture, re-positioning a large business, overthrowing a regime,  standing for election, your need a good story.


story will provides the operating system (we call it storyOS) for your success. 

At StoryLab, we see stories as the world’s most enduring and successful operating system (OS) 

Story Lab operates at the intersection of technology, product, brand and marketing, working with entrepreneurs, founders, researchers, labs, investors, brands, funds, companies, universities, governments to shape powerful narratives and compelling stories.

We’re a hybrid creative/marketing lab, venture studio founded by a collective of vc’s, technologist, marketers and business founders. 

If you have an idea or tech that promises to change our world (for the better), we should  help each other


Ideas are nothing without a story. New technologies lie dormant without a story. Movements splutter without a story. Innovations die without a story. Brands and their companies are lesser without a story.

Investors buy stories. People but stories. 

Stories run our world.

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